Planned changes to Pace

Updates from the Trustee regarding planned changes to Pace are below.

 Date  Update
 21st May 2018

The Trustee wrote to all Pace Complete members informing them which section of Pace they will become a member of later in 2018. More information is available at

If you are a member of Pace DC

Please note that if you are a member of Pace DC, these changes will have no impact on the money you’ve built up in your Pace DC account. Your Pace DC account will remain in Pace, as a separate account administered on the Trustee’s behalf by Legal & General, and it will continue to be invested for your retirement.

The Pace DC scheme will continue to have two separate sections, as at present – one for Bank employees and one for employees of the Co-operative Group and other employers.

 20th April 2018

The Trustee wrote to all members of Pace Complete with an update on the planned changes to Pace.             

 20th December 2017  Update from the Trustee for members of Pace Complete
 12th July 2017

 28th June 2017

Co-op Bank announces agreement to proceed with capital raise

 26th June 2017

Discussions regarding Co-op Bank capital raise