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Automatic enrolment

What happens next?

This flowchart will guide you through the automatic enrolment process. Answer the questions to find out if you will be automatically enrolled and when this might happen.

When you start working for the Co-op

You will receive a communication pack explaining the automatic enrolment process and how you'll be affected.

Within one month

The Co-op will assess whether you are eligible for automatic enrolment.

Do you meet the following criteria?

  • are not already an active member of Pace DC; and
  • earn more than £769 in a four-weekly pay period (£10,000 per annum) in 2017/2018;
  • are age 22 or above; and
  • are under the State Pension Age.

If you do meet the criteria for automatic enrolment

You will receive a letter from Legal & General confirming that you will be automatically enrolled. This letter will confirm the date of your automatic enrolment (approximately three months' time).

After three months

Around the time you are due to be automatically enrolled, you will receive an enrolment pack from Legal & General. This pack will include details of how to opt out if you don't want to join Pace DC.

Do you want to opt out?

When you're due to be automatically enrolled

The Co-op will assess again whether you still meet the criteria for automatic enrolment.

Do you still meet the criteria?

If you are still eligible for automatic enrolment

You'll become a member of Pace DC and receive a membership certificate and details of how to manage your account from Legal & General.

Do you want to opt out?

To find out more about opting out of Pace DC, please read the 'Opting out' section.